Dental Business Mastery is the collaboration of two Dental Practice Management Consultants. Ameena Basile of Dental Management Expertise and Julie Parker of Julie Parker Practice Success

Ameena and Julie have both spent their entire careers working in dental practices. They each have a long history in the role of Practice Manager and have a combined 15 years experience as Dental Practice Management Consultants.

What attendees say about Dental Business Mastery programs...

Dr Trevor Baret


"This program has been excellent and inspiring. The presenters are knowledgeable and friendly - giving lots of tips in addition to the course information. The member's website is easy to use and full of extra information. It allows you to review the live sessions and access all assignments and course information. I highly recommend this course to Practice Managers, Practice Owners and those who aspire to be PMs or Owners."

Alison B

Practice Manager

"I have only just stepped into the role of Practice Manager and really didn't know that much about the role. This course has helped me so much. Great lessons and Ameena and Julie are great."


Practice Owner

"I wish this course was available when I first bought my practice. Julie and Ameena have been so helpful. The course content is exactly what I need to know and the support I receive is excellent. I am happy to recommend this course."


Practice Manager

"Thoroughly enjoying the course. Very flexible. Offers various live sessions or pre-recordings of lessons, to catch up in my own time. The course incorporates 'sprints' into the live sessions. These are short blocks/time periods where you work individually (offline) and focus on a task to complete. Whether that be course work or a personal task. Fabulous idea! I find it easier to focus, feel more productive and once again flexible options! Modules within the course are informative, relatable and easy to learn. The presenters (Julie and Ameena) are friendly and always there for additional support. Having other students involved within the live sessions also enables me to gain further insight into how other practices are run or more importantly additional helpful handy tips!"


Practice Manager

"Really enjoying the program so far, the content is very informative. Julie and Ameena are so down to earth and really know their stuff! There are also so many great suggestions and tips that are very helpful. This course will hopefully set me up with all of the knowledge I need to be a great Practice Manager."

Ainsley Bennell

Practice Manager

"The Dental Business Mastery Dental Practice Management program has been an excellent opportunity to formalize my on the job experience as a Practice Manager. Julie and Ameena's years of on the ground expertise, both in the clinical setting, and as educators, makes the learning process relevant and easy to follow. The topics have been developed to take the participant on a journey through the role of Practice Manager in a highly functioning dental practice, and I couldn't recommend this course more highly. The interactive nature of the sessions between both the hosts and participants, also allows for further learning opportunities that is incredibly worthwhile and beneficial."


Ameena Basile

Ameena is a practice management specialist in the dental industry. She has been working in dental practices for 20+ years, initially as a dental nurse and receptionist. Her enthusiasm for Practice Management was driven by observing the poor business acumen of her father who was a very successful medical GP who died at 57 years old with little to show financially after 35 odd years of running a very busy private practice.

Ameena has spent much of her career mentoring & coaching practices to reach their full business potential. She has a passion for helping dentists manage the production capacity versus the ever-increasing expenditure in a dental practice and all the things that happen in between to gain a successful outcome doing what you love with a happy, supportive, motivated team.

Ameena's consulting website is:

Julie Parker

Julie has worked in practices since the 1980s and was the first non-dentist to own a dental practice in Australia.

After successfully managing her practice for a decade, Julie became a consultant in 2014 to help other dental practices achieve their goals. Over that time, Julie has become a mentor and coach, assisting team members and practices to achieve constant and neverending improvement.

Julie's consulting website is:

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