Dental Business Mastery is the collaboration of two Dental Practice Management Consultants. Ameena Basile of Dental Management Expertise and Julie Parker of Julie Parker Practice Success.

Ameena and Julie have both spent their entire careers working in dental practices. They each have a long history in the role of Practice Manager and have a combined 15 years experience as Dental Practice Management Consultants.

The Dental Practice Management Program has not been offered before. Ameena and Julie saw the need for a dental-specific training program that coaches Dental Practice Managers and Practice Owners in the daily operations that are unique to our industry.



    The program is designed for any team member or practice owner who is involved in the management of a dental practice.


    Participation in the program will be online with live 2-hour sessions with Ameena and Julie conducted weekly.

    All content is housed in your own dashboard and you can move back over lessons any time.


    The program has been designed as a 9-month commitment.

    This may be slightly modified as the program rolls out.


    As a special offering to pilot program participants, the cost will be $150 + GST per month for a duration of 9 months. That is a total price of $1,350 plus GST.


    Ameena and Julie are available for phone calls and emails for the duration of the Program.

    Students can also ask for support and gain feedback from each other through our group communication tool.


    Successful completion of the program will result in the awarding of the Dental Business Mastery Dental Practice Management certificate.


    Vision, values and purpose of your practice.

  • TEAM
    Culture, communication, behaviours and skills-development.

    Policies, patient care, team interactions, digital Practice Manual.

    Customer service, patient communication, engagement in their treatment plans, complaint management.

    Telephone skills, rapport-building, time and task management, appointment book management.

    Principles, values, team motivation, self-awareness, building respect and authority.

    Privacy, governing bodies, guidelines, registrations, licences.

    Identifying goals, planning for goals-achievement, tracking key performance indicators, reporting to superiors.

    Generation and analysis of reports, communicating with accountants and bookkeepers.

    Staff contracts, FairWork compliance, creating safe and supportive work environment.


  • Can more than one member of our team be included in the one enrolment?

    Yes! Each enrolment is for the practice, so additional team members are welcome.

  • Do students need to attend the Live Online Sessions?

    There are many benefits to attending the Live Online Sessions, however, that can be difficult for some students. For this reason, the Live Sessions are recorded and made available to all students.

  • Are the Live online Sessions the same time every week?

    Students can choose which of three sessions to attend each week.
    The three choices are (in AEDT):
    - Mondays 9am-11am
    - Thursdays 7pm-9pm
    - Fridays 12pm - 2pm


Ameena Basile

Ameena is a practice management specialist in the dental industry. She has been working in dental practices for 20+ years, initially as a dental nurse and receptionist. Her enthusiasm for Practice Management was driven by observing the poor business acumen of her father who was a very successful medical GP who died at 57 years old with little to show financially after 35 odd years of running a very busy private practice.

Ameena has spent much of her career mentoring & coaching practices to reach their full business potential. She has a passion for helping dentists manage the production capacity versus the ever-increasing expenditure in a dental practice and all the things that happen in between to gain a successful outcome doing what you love with a happy, supportive, motivated team.

Ameena's consulting website is:

Julie Parker

Julie has worked in practices since the 1980s and was the first non-dentist to own a dental practice in Australia.

After successfully managing her practice for a decade, Julie became a consultant in 2014 to help other dental practices achieve their goals. Over that time, Julie has become a mentor and coach, assisting team members and practices to achieve constant and neverending improvement.

Julie's consulting website is:


As a special offering to Pilot program participants,
the cost is $150 + GST per month for a duration of 9 months.

That is a total price of $1,350 plus GST