Is this the right level of enrolment for me?

Tier 3 enrolment is for those students who want to not only learn what it takes to be a successful manager of a dental practice but also activate the changes in the practice they work for. 

Students of Tier 3 have the same access as Tier 2 students to the weekly Live Sessions with Julie, Ameena and fellow Tier 2 & 3 students, so the content is delivered to you in a live setting. All of your questions can be answered and the Mastermind portion of the Live Sessions is where the challenges and ideas of students are discussed as a group.

Students have access to the course content and all of the recordings of Live Sessions FOREVER, so there is loads of time to study and implement the lessons and have future team members benefit as well.

Tier 3 students have the option of completing assignments throughout the year and earn their Certificate of Successful Completion.

In addition to the regular weekly Live Sessions, Tiuer 3 students have private one-on-one access to Julie and Ameena. Extra coaching sessions are scheduled with your whole team where you are taken through a year-long consulting program to put in place all the systems, strategies and insights that can ensure your dental practice's success. 

Program Details


    The program is designed for any team member or practice owner who is involved in the management of a dental practice.

    Aspiring receptionists, current Practice Managers and dental practice owners will all gain enormous value from this program.


    Participation in the program is online.

    Students in Tier 2 and 3 can join fellow students at the weekly Live Sessions, facilitated by Julie and Ameena and be stepped through the program week by week.

    Alternatively, progress at your own pace without attending the Live Sessions, using the course content alone.

    All content is housed in your own dashboard and you can move back over lessons at any time.


    The Live Session Program is a 12-month process.

    However, students can elect to take a shorter or longer period of time to complete when they choose to progress at their own pace.


    The cost of the Program is $17,997 plus GST.

    Students are welcome to pay for the program in 12 x monthly instalments of $1,799 plus GST.

    Additional team members from the same practice location can enrol for no additional charge.


    Ameena and Julie are available for phone calls and emails for students in Tiers 1 and 2 for the duration of the Program.

    Tier 3 students can book online Lesson Sessions when they need personalised assistance.

    All students can also ask for support and gain feedback from each other through our group communication tool.


    Completion of the program will result in the awarding of the Dental Business Mastery Dental Practice Management Program Certificate for all successful Tier 2 and 3 students.

What you will learn

Join any time and start your learning journey


  • Can more than one member of our team be included in the one enrolment?

    Yes! As a Tier 3 Program enrolment, each additional team member from your practice can enrol for FREE!

  • Do students need to attend the Live Online Sessions?

    There are many benefits to attending the Live Online Sessions, however, that can be difficult for some students. For this reason, the Live Sessions are recorded and made available to all students.

  • Are the Live Online Sessions the same time every week?

    Students can choose which of two sessions to attend each week.
    The two choices are (in AEST):
    - Mondays 9am-11am
    - Thursdays 7pm-9pm
    The same lesson is delivered at each of the Live Sessions in any given week.

  • What if I miss a Live Session?

    All Live Sessions are recorded and loaded to your student dashboard for anytime-access.

  • What if I need more support?

    Students can schedule personalised online Lesson Sessions at any time to help understand and apply the content and assist with assignments.